Web­site Samples

  • Rel8tivity

rel8tivity.comDown­load Screenshot PDF

Site descrip­tion

Rel8tivity is a Rela­tion­ship Man­age­ment Sys­tem, which con­sists of a 100-question assess­ment, and detailed, fully-customized analy­sis across 4 major Life Areas. In addi­tion to the Analy­sis sec­tions, it includes a Ref­er­ence Library, Side-by-Side Analy­sis, Com­pat­i­bil­ity Analy­sis, Facebook-style Threaded Mes­sag­ing sys­tem, Chat sys­tem, and Face­book API inte­gra­tion for post­ing custom-generated graph­ics to your Face­book wall. Also includes web sticker that can be placed on any web site / blog page which tar­gets a land­ing page that is cus­tomized auto­mat­i­cally based on your Rel8tivity Assessment.

Tech­nolo­gies used


  • WebAdTransfer

webadtransfer.comDown­load Screenshot PDF

Site descrip­tion

WebAdTransfer is a Computer Telephony Integrated (CTI) VoIP system which takes calls generated from Internet ads, and transfers them to your office; instantly notifies your sales reps of the ad your customer is calling about…before they pick up the phone. The site consists of a VoIP telephony system built on the Freeswitch VoIP platform, a carrier-grade enterprise-class system; custom web server event socket listeners running as Linux services built in PHP; full integration with AJAX push engine; and a front-end UI website which integrates the AJAX push client, utilizing jQuery for instant call notification messages.

Tech­nolo­gies used

Freeswitch, Lua, PHP, MySql, APE, XML, XSL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON


ITACS [intranet system]Down­load Screenshot PDF

Site descrip­tion

Inventory Tracking and Control System: [this is an intranet site for a client] A custom barcode solution for an online Grocery Coupon warehouse, using Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, UPC, GS1-Extended, and 2D PDF417 barcodes fully integrated with an OpenCart 1.3 website front end for complete eCommerce site for Ordering, back-end UI for Inventory Management [physical and web], Order Picking, Shipment Validation, barcode-driven fully automated web UI

Tech­nolo­gies used

PHP, MySql, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JSON

  • CasualCigars

CasualCigars.com eCommerce siteDown­load Screenshot PDF

Site descrip­tion

Upgraded eCommerce site to OpenCart 1.5.4. Complete redesign, using customized CSS. Created item and event banners. Created a custom Product Group option type for allowing multiple Product selection linked to a parent Product, requiring php / jquery / mysql / javascript modifications to the OpenCart Admin and Catalog MVC core files. Integrated WordPress 3.4 blog and Google Calendar

Tech­nolo­gies used

PHP, MySql, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript

  • SuperiorCustomClassics

superiorcustomclassics.comDown­load Screenshot PDF

Site descrip­tion

Superior Custom Classics is a front-end website for a custom car shop in Hudson, FL which includes custom Photo Galleries, Articles, and Auto-Rotating slideshows. It has a custom CMS back-end built from the ground up using PHP and XML, an auto-indexing Search Engine which automatically includes any search terms from new content, a Vehicle Inventory system with the ability to upload any number of Vehicle Photos, which can be included in multiple Galleries.

Tech­nolo­gies used